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The Language and Speech (LASLAB) research group is pleased to invite you to a one-day workshop to be held on 27th April 2016 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in  Vitoria-Gasteiz.


The study of crosslinguistic influence is one of the areas of SLA of greatest interest not only to SLA researchers but also to practitioners in multilingual educational programmes: immersion, CLIL, content-based education, among others.


In this workshop, invited speakers will provide an overview of current approaches to crosslinguistic effects in multilingual contexts. They will offer evidence of these phenomena at different levels: (a) neurological (b) phonetic/phonological, (c) lexical, and (d)morpho-syntactic levels. During the workshop, presenters will also discuss ways of exploiting those areas of crosslinguistic influence in the foreign language classroom, so that current and prospective teachers that attend the workshop learn about how their learners’ L1s affect the acquisition of a second/third language and what they can do to make the most of this crosslinguistic influence in the classroom. To facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, students and teachers, we invite them to submit abstracts for a poster session.

Scott Jarvis (Ohio University)
Guillaume Thierry (Bangor University) 
Magdalena Wrembel (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Pilar Agustín (Universidad de la Rioja)
Camilla Bardel (Stockholm University)
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